Saturday, 16 January 2010

Sat 16th Jan: Create The Eight @ IYC

"IYC" launched its 4th annual exhibition this week with a que round the block of fellow creatives chomping at the bit to get a ganders at the 33 works.   This year the theme was collaboration and each invited artist was asked to choose a team mate to create their contribution.  I was recruited for the roster and in turn tapped my mates Teo and Patrick of "No Days Off" to be my partners in crime.  
We found it increasingly impossible to get the project off the ground as we were stuck to our desks by the obscene stack of commissions we were committed to.  So after much to-ing and fro-ing with no definite direction we finally decided to devote our statement piece as an actual statement.........a campaign for more time.  It sits perfectly with the name of "No Days Off" and rings true of our ridiculous lifestyles and is hopefully a humorous addition to the whole exhibition.  Pat & Teo drew up a manifesto, had posters hand-drawn, badges printed and we waited on tenderhooks for the response.  As you can see, it attracted a lot of the above snippets to see why...............everyone relates!
The other photos here are me checking out the stitching by Hvass & Hannibal w/Anne Werner and the living straw sculpture by Riitta Ikonen & Ian Wright.
Head down to the Rochelle School to check it out or get the program here.

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