Tuesday 12 January 2010

Tues 12th Jan: Lily Vanilli Part 1

I first cam across Lily Vanilli's confectionery last season when she catered for House of Holland's New Gen stand with rose and violet cupcakes (potentially intended for passing trade .............but we nobly offered our services of poison tasting the batch!.......more the once, just to be sure).  At the same time she also created chess board inspired tasty pieces for the Cooperative Designs presentation.  So who is the baker/artisan behind the best named cake company ever?
Originating from a background in graphic design, Lily switched mediums for her creativity as an opportune twist of fortune due to the recession.  Its a hands on approach, turning out up to 1000 cupcakes in a week, primarily preparing everything herself with a handful of interns.  Perhaps this means that the mixtures are melted together with love and you receive a bite of karma akin to the ideology of the story "Like Water for Chocolate".  Emphasis is on developing unusual ingredient combinations as well as the dynamic decorative element.  
I got in touch with Lily to interview her for the blog and thought of a way to illustrate the piece.................I asked her to devise me a rainbow recipe which I would try out and document.   Here is what happened!  Check back later for her answers to my questions and the outcome of my cosmic cake!

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