Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Weds 13th Jan: My Favourite Dress

I went down to The Fashion & Textile Museum for the launch and book signing of "My Favourite Dress".  So there I was with a camera amongst the establishment ready to pap the legends........Zandra Rhodes, Duggie Fields, Anthony Price, Suzy Menkes etc.........but of course I got my regular wave of shyness and left empty handed.  Here is a cheeky snap of the Casley Hayford's which I snuck in when they were posing for an official photographer!
So i will be getting in touch with the authors to find out more to follow this up with a PROPER feature!  But for now see the cover which was shot for Vogue by Corinne Day  along with my studio partners Hillman Studio responsible for the set design.
To read an account that is actually factual, head over to Grazia where my guest blogger Naomi Attwood covered the event.

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