Wednesday, 26 May 2010

May 26th: Milano Day 1

Diane kindly invited us to her friend's place for a quiet dinner to welcome us and a few other directors who had flown in from different countries for the event. We visited the office of her architect friend Massimiliano Locatelli and sat around a candlelit table on the terrace. It was quite difficult for me to get outside in the first place as the bookcase wall inside the offices groaned with titles I wanted to wade through. The corridors were strip lighted with neon tubes and a massive circular dinning table was lit with a low hanging shade that was the exact same circumference as the table, echoing its ginormous dimensions.
Here I am being a prize prat perving over my dream car on the walk home - Citreon DS.

In summary, I wouldn't mind a house decked out in Italian interior design and a French automobile to park outside. Hmmmm.

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