Thursday, 27 May 2010

Thurs 27th May: ASVOFF Milano "Lights" Series

The "Light" series consists of 26 different 1 minute films from an international selection of directors ranging from established artists such as Sofia Delaporte, Kayt Jones through to emerging talent experimenting with the medium. Here is just a small selection of snapshots that I took whilst circumnavigating the multi screen installation. The exhibition is on until the the end of the month and the films will also be previewed in snippets online either on or Diane's site.

(Stills top to bottom: 1-3 "J'ai faim!" Miho Kinomura, 4-5 "LX" Malcolm Pate, 6-7 "Katie Eary" Kathryn Ferguson, 8 "Blind Strobe" Pierre Debusschere

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