Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Weds 26th May: Milano Day 2 Corso Como

With very limited time in the city, my absolute top priority was to make a pilgrimage to Corso Como. It is something I have only read about and never quite imagined seeing for myself. I was not at all dissapointed. Wow. Obviously "taste" is totally down to personal opinion and individual notions and feelings BUT this place is just the essence of "good taste". From every fixture and fitting to every hand picked product on display, it is ooozing delectable disirability. You want to plant yourself on the mosaic patterned and rose planted roof terrace to bathe in sun beams before stepping downstairs to sit in a Vernor Panton swivvle chair to leaf thru every concievable fashion photography annual or try out some choice records on a perspex turntable. I generally can't be bothed with shoes but this place has re-issue rainbow Ferragamo platforms and Memphis monographs on display between Tabitha Simmons paper boots. Ay, ay, ay, not to mention the accessories section with just the most heavenly pulled together selection of designers that I don't even know............alongside past season's pieces by Bless just incase you missed the projects the first time round. Inbetween all of this is a Margiela floor with "paint by numbers" wallpaper and yet more jewellry that made me go weak at the knees for its surreal simplicity.........necklaces hanging on necklaces, rings mounted on rings, a magnifying glass made from just one side of a pair of glasses..............even a white rug like virgin snow with deer tracks embossed in the pile.
Elisha and I doused ourselves in Diptique and dreamed of the day we might return with some lire to lay down on the concentric circle logo counter. Until then, we just did we know best and took lots of tourist type situational photos of each other infront of the various vantage points. Cest chic.

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Lucy said...

what an incredible place - the paint by numbers has to be my favourite! so so fun
I will have to visit here if im in the area - thanks!