Monday, 12 July 2010

Mon 12th July: Darrin Pattanumotana

Here was my other favourite graduate from Brighton's Illustration degree - Darrin Pattanumotana - who has named his website with a tinge of humour running through his work. I put 10p into his "Game of Normality" to drop tokens down a slalom of nails and pull out these printed tickets to find out that I had lost by not collecting all four - I am a "stupid Imbecile" and not at all normal. Brilliant!
I was really pleased to find out that the missing name on these folded map letters on a different wall were also the work of the same person. Such a good idea and executed so nicely - a font folded in origami style square grids using the pastel hues of what looks like old tourist guide maps (perhaps he has printed these though as the reverse plain primary colour is so perfect!).
If you buy one of Darrin's R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. prints you can pay a little extra and get it in a rainbow printed canvas bag rolled and tied up in a cute parcel. The shop at the end was a fantastic mini gallery of the works on show at really accessible prices to invest in emerging talent........... however I left empty handed as I couldn't decide which print I wanted as there were so many to choose from! Its the last day today until 7pm so nip to Shoreditch to see it all for yourself.

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