Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tues 13th July: Getting ready for LOVEBOX with We Have Band

Q: What is We Have Band's essential summer anthem for 2010?

A: Laura Branigan - Gloria
Huge tune. A special favourite of Dede's.

Photo of something that is making you smile this summer?............ could be anything!

Something making us smile this summer is touring around in the beautiful weather going to so many amazing places and meeting so many amazing people. The pic is of me and Thomas on the beach in Bari, Italy last week where we did a show with 2manydjs. The girl in the photo is the girlfriend of the promoter and she's called Barbara. She and him took really good care of us. They run a record and fashion label together called Discipline. (Dede's not in the picture because she was taking it!)

Darren, We Have Band

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