Friday, 16 July 2010

Sat 17th July: Tatty Devine Supermarket Sarah - report by Emily Beard

It's not everyday a well known jewellery brand makes you your very own necklace. But Supermarket Sarah is not everyone. Her newest collaboration is with lazar cut jewellery superstars Tatty Devine.
To celebrate her new wall installation in their Brick Lane boutique, Tatty Devine threw a 'Super Summer Party', involving cake, 90s tunes and giant cardboard letters.
Incorporated into the display is a range of old school and one-off Tatty Devine jewellery, display pieces, vintage clothing and objects sourced by Sarah. The wall display also includes a lmited edition gold mirror Supermarket Sarah necklace.
The wall and window display will be up and available to buy from until the 16th August and the wall will shortly be going live on Supermarket Sarah's site.

Fred Butler provided the tunes along with Anna Murray of Patternity, who was sporting her Patternity screenprinted tights.
You can purchase these at Patternity along with many other uniquely patterned original pieces.

(all photos by Fred except top image by Tatty Devine)

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Pierre said...

Your take on style is inspiring. I think you would enjoy our new collection that we will be launching over fashion week. We would love to have you visit the gallery for a preview.