Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sun 31st Oct: NYC - "Move!" MoMA PS1 - Olaf Breuning & Cynthia Rowley

The best installation was by Olaf Breuning & Cynthia Rowley called "Carrie". First you encounter what seems to be a hallway with a rail of hanging denim garments like a collection in a store. Then you turn a corner and walk in on studio type situation with tailor, mannequin, pattern cutting table etc.......... all the paraphernalia of making the previously seen garments. Here a few models collect to be fitted before entering the next phase of the work .......... and their imminent doom. The title is a little give away for what may unfold. Round the next corner is a platform and floor of paint cans arranged to pour over the girls like a gunge tank to create splattered garments and douse the models in the process. I didn't witness an actual splash, but the remnants of all previous ones was everywhere! Past the wet paint is a final cleaner room with another rail but this time the denim collection has been transformed with a colourful hap-hazard print from the art attack. I think that these items are going to be for sale after this weekend's performance so check it out as they look great fun garments to add to the regular indigo section of your wardrobe!


A_Spangle said...

looks really cool

Susan said...

I'm not sure who started the paint splattering fashion trend, but it may have been Karim Bonnet in the late '90s?

bear cat blogger said...

oddly love it.