Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Weds 3rd: NYC - Kenny Scharf's "Hot Glue Hullabaloo" at The Hole

Having seen a couple of mentions of a new Kenny Scharf exhibition opening in NYC I scribbled it in right at the top of my hit list and located "The Hole" which is holding its 4th show on Greene Street.
I knew I would like this work but not to the extent that I actually wanted to fling my arms round it and jump for joy like a Ribena berry (I was wearing all purple!). The title should have been an indication at the type of sculpture I would find and feel an affinity to! The aesthetic of found objects each selected on their own rainbow and smily merit stuck together made me run around like Charlie in The Chocolate Factory. I create incidental pieces and props in this way because its instinctive - I didn't know it could be art! ARGH!
The top images show an entire room encased and covered with ephemera glowing UV under black light and lined with my favourite iridescent sheeting. This is a reincarnation of the original "Cosmic Closet" he invented in the 80's with Keith Haring as a disco installation in the closet of their Times Square apartment. The 2010 version "Cosmic Cavern a Go Go" has come out of Kenny's basement in Brooklyn where he still holds parties. These walls are under offer and available to be re-positioned wherever an investor may like them to be installed! *waves hand and beckons to Britain*


Daniel H Potential said...

wow, this looks great!

fredbutlerstyle said...

Yup! We are not alone! Check out the latest Dearraindrop post I just put up.........your'e gonna love that too!