Thursday, 4 November 2010

Thurs 4th: NYC - Beacon's closet

Over the years I have got to know NYC thru the eyes of Manhattaners and never really ventured off shore! I have occasionally taken a subway over but always ducked back down and back again as I feel like a duck out of water. So, on this trip Annie Collinge offered to be my chaperon to her neighbourhood and take me to the mecca of vintage clothes that is "Beacons Closet". Ive heard this name bounded around but never locked down a plan to make the pilgrimage. Until yesterday..........
I totally greened out in the green section and whited out in the white section.........there is so much to look at and its all split in colour block sections. Its a whole store like my wardrobe. Its a melting pot of the most colourful and patterned pieces which totally spun me out. I wanted so much stuff - I can't think of a comparison to this in London at all (not since the fire and demise of Camden stables). So - for anyone who ever holidays or works in NYC and hasn't made this well documented discovery yet WRITE IT DOWN - Beacon's Closet.

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