Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Weds 3rd: NYC - Kenny Scharf vs. Dearraindrop at The Hole

"Hot Glue Hullabaloo" is a collaborative exhibition between Kenny Scharf and Dearraindrop who have been exchanging and combining artwork through the mail since 2004. They first gravitated towards each other at the Dearraindrp Art Basel Miami exhibition and bonded over thier joint love for cartoons & comics, thrift stores & street junk, graffiti & technical painting, customizing clothes & collaging .......and hot glue gunning! The Virgina Beach art team known at Dearraindrop have worked with Keeny on this show combining shared skills to turn out boombastic sculptures and canvases. Each little plastic piece of paraphernalia and scrap of paper pasted down has been carefully collected and assembled to make the grander greater psychedelic scheme. I got totally lost zoning out in these details and was so impressed at the singular attention to detail to have accumulated this perfect combination of cosmic schnickle schnackles. The fact they use the word "cosmic" is totally cosmic to me as its my most used descriptive noun too! COSMIC!!!!
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