Thursday, 9 December 2010

Friday 10th Dec: Patternity for No One

I am maxing out on coverage of Patternity on this blog but I'm sure you can appreciate why, its just undeniably marvellous.......... look at their pattern resource to blow your mind. The duo have a shop alongside the gallery which started with a pair of tights and has now expanded to prints, bags, laptop cases and even furniture! The 2nd edition of tights launched last night as an exclusive design for their east end stockist No One. The art deco motif has come from the shape of the arches of the "Old Shoreditch Station" building which houses the boutique. Their motto of keeping your eyes open to come across pattern in every day unexpected places has been put into context directly with this project. They scouted the area for their favourite shapes to artwork and rework the staple stocking.......... apparently pop socks are in the pipeline for Summer. So here it is the latest in the line of artwork for legs...........get your pins in these beauts and whilst your at it check out the special cupcakes recently cooked up inspired by the team's signature patterns........ from Pomp De Franc.........

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