Monday, 6 December 2010

Mon 6th Dec: Janelle Monáe

I try not to ever get excited about things and let events happen in natural time so there is no threat of downfall or disappointment. But I couldn't help myself in getting mega hyped about seeing Janelle Monáe at Shepherds Bush Empire. There was absolutely no anti-climax - as predicted. This is the one emerging (relatively) talent that is getting me most fired up at the moment and I was lucky enough to catch her in London. The songs, the voice, the energy and the persona are all together an incredible package................... totally awesome and inspiring. I'm made up with my new merch t-shirt! So Ive made it an unofficial "Wear Your New Band T-Shirt To Work Day"!


Rollergirl said...

Hear hear! and lucky you getting to see her in a smallish venue. It's Wembley all the way from here, baby!

fredbutlerstyle said...

sure is............ she's the next MJ!