Thursday, 9 December 2010

Thurs Dec 9th: Piers Atkinson Christmas Installation at Machine A

En route to Piers Atkinson's Christmas Window opening at Machine A, I decided to take a path through the wrong end of Berwick Street. I like to see that the real Soho is still alive and kicking and holding onto its identity within the city scape that its becoming increasingly sanitised. Its killing me that different distinct districts are diluting into one big metropolis of McDonalds and Starbucks. I loved a London that had a Two-Tone Camden Town, West Indian Notting "ting" Hill, Bagel & Biryani Brick Lane, 60's cool Carnarby Street, World End Kings Road and Seedy Soho........... but over time its dying out........ where the bloody hell has the Astoria gone?! I can't say that I engage in the underground of Soho's sex clubs but I like to know that its there! Reassuringly on que there was a scene straight out of a Beryl Cook illustration with a large lady busking in leopard print coat accompanied by a hunched over saxophonist. Passing through the cosmos of coloured neon windows in adult shops and clubs I ended up the right end of Berwick Street and discovered another red lit window. Here Piers has interpreted his own vision of the local vicinity in the quirky, naughty and knowing style that is intrinsic Atkinson. However the scheme has been devised to reach furthur than London ........... Jupiter! Piers has set the shop windows in the year 2056 to a future world where Vogue won't just have different editions for the countries where it is published but for the planets too! The Blade Runner / Flash Gordon/ set has been put together by Planarama, Alun Davies and Kim Howells with finishing touches by Karlie Shelley. This alternative Christmas display launches Piers exclusive pre-collection range for the store, now available as pieces in navy suede with gold studs and detailing. Ive snapped a few of these styles on Rosy, Alun and Anna Trevelyan who was looking decidedly HOT in her special gold leather and pink rose number............and of course the man himself with a netting addition to his trilby!

MACHINE-A presents Piers Atkinson from Ashley Smith on Vimeo.

Video by: James Barnett (
Photography by: Poppy French (
Starring: Aaron Frew
Hat by: Piers Atkinson

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