Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sun 30th Jan: In my Studio Now

Last week my best friend asked me why I don't show more of what I'm actually doing on the blog............ which is a good question! I don't like being overtly in-your-face with self promotion so I prefer to use this platform as a profile for sharing lots of other creatives projects in addition to my own. More often than not I'm waiting for shoots to be published, and commission pieces to appear in exclusives........ so I have to sit tight and wait before I can spill secrets. At the same time I'm constantly working on my collections which I like to keep under tight privacy until they are unleashed ..............
That's exactly whats happening now. My S/S 11 "Phosphorescent Omni-Present" collection is trickling back in from being out on requests for various editorials. These are the angular silver pieces taking place on the mannequins in my studio. Inbetween are archive pieces like this irredescent hat I made for the SHOWstudio Christmas Tree last year and this other silver hat for T.E.E.D. Here is the "Dodecahedron Collision" necklace which has come back from Nicki Minaj and the colourful birds that I rescued from my windows at Selfridges. Amongst the accumulation of previous props, I'm finishing off my A/W 11 collection which will preview in a few weeks. Ive got a lovely Keith Haring quote stuck up on my wall to inspire and encourage the flow of this process:

"Whatever you want to do, the only secret is to believe in it and satisfy yourself. Don't do it for anyone else."

Love that!
Luckily Ive got a brand new camera in time for fashion week which Samsung have gifted me in the guise of their new phone Wave II for the Now Project. Its perfect timing as my camera just died its last ninth life after I spilt water in my bag whilst visiting Gemma Cairney for my guest slot on Radio 1XTRA. This means I now I have a flash which is an exciting prospect as Ive been surviving without one for so long................ Ive also acquired a video function so I'm looking forward to doing more moving image moments for the blog. WATCH THIS SPACE!

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