Friday, 4 February 2011

Fri 4th Feb: The W Project

Launching on the 8th of March 2011, The W Project will mark the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day. The project will open with an exhibition of work by established and emerging female talent across multiple creative disciplines with a series of additional events. The whole idea has been dreamt up by duo Teo Connor and Loren Platt. You will know Teo better as one half of "No Days Off" and Loren as one half of "Work It".......... having side-stepped their usual team to configure this new partnership. They have cherry picked 36 lady artists to participate in the group show......... complete with Safia El-Dabi's giant fruits!
Activities taking place over the course of the exhibition include:
The Firm Film Night with Q&A screening Stanley Pickle and Sisters In Law, Josephine Ada Chinonye Chime interactive photo session, and guest speakers including Caryn Franklin & Debra Borne from All Walks .........all ending on a night with music from Work It and Q&A with Elisha Smith-Leverock and myself on the subject of our fashion films.

All images of work and work spaces c/o The W Project (head over to the site to see more and read an interview with each contributor)
Top to bottom:Safia El-Dabi, Poppy Chancellor, Milly Freeman, Lauren Cochrane, Josephine Chime, Jasmine Raznahan

The Russian Club Gallery
London E8 4DA
8-11 March, 2011

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