Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sun 30th Jan: Profile Weekender - DELS Part II - Us

For the second part of the profile weekender on DELS I have been sent these brilliant behind the scenes snaps on set of "Trumpalump" by directors Us. Through meticulous engineering of paint, makeup and assembling props, the team pulled off a visual interpretation of DELS dream concept without the use of post production. No split screen trickery here, but ridiculous attention to detail ......... including capturing a Goldfish and Black Moor swimming perfectly on opposing sides of a fish bowl. You can head back to my previous post to read more and see the action in a little interview from the day .......... perhaps do that before you watch the final cut here.........

So whats next for the team? "working on the next video for DELS - GOB and also the single and album artwork. Out very soon."
Direction: Us
Makeup: Poppy France
Styling: Chi San & Flo Raymond

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