Monday, 31 January 2011

Tues 1st Feb: Maison Akio & Yuri for Sushi

Akio and Yuri are famed for their Sushi parties which involve waves of of platters of the sticky rice stuff rolling out of the kitchen as more partakers pitch up. Tasting food this good always reminds me of "Like Water For Chocolate" when food is prepared with love, it intoxicates the guests with amorous feelings. Akio's handmade Sushi is put together from the finest fish he has found in London town (Essex Road) and neatly assembled in structures according to the nuance of the particular area of Japan from where he hails. Whatever secret ingrediant is in it, its streets ahead of any Ive had in a restaurant. To top it off, their super cute cat is always in attendance to poison taste any potential flakes you may find slipping off your saucer. So integral to the proceedings now, that she features on the invitation! TOO CUTE!


shoulderache said...

Adorable! Love the girl's hat!

fredbutlerstyle said...

Yuri is wearing one my Heliocentric Electric hairpins!! Made in gold for Rosy's wall on supermarket sarah:

: )