Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thurs 17th March: "Pick Me Up" assorted

"Pick Me Up" is a fair, a festival and a celebration of the graphic arts with a selection of 24 up and coming artists nominated to be represented and hang their work within Somerset House. Here are a few of my personal highlights........ including gorgeous black and white screenprints by Otecki from Poland and my regular feature fave Kate Moross with her optical patterns. The other 2 pictures here are 3D works from a couple of the "Collectives" ....... a giant cardboard watch from Nobrow and a pyramid hotel as part of Themlot's graphic model city which is the set for stop frame animation workshops.
To find out about attending one of the many, many workshops or events ........ click here.

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Lucy said...

ooOOOOooh I can't wait to go! Really looking forward to it, loved it last year!