Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tues March 15th: itsonlyLARRY

Me and My Girls from Larry B on Vimeo.

I couldn't help but notice this six foot something style beacon strolling across the courtyard of Somerset House at Fashion Week. He then emerged as the muse to the AGI & SAM AW11 collection on menswear day and I wondered who he was! Welcome to the world of www.imtheonlyoneonmystreet.blogspot.com ........ a.k.a Larry .......20 year old.......... living in South London........... studying Fashion Communication at Saint Martins.......... photography and styling his two main preoccupations along with his blog. Here is his sent over his latest film project for us to see ..........

"Film is something that I've always been interested in, the idea for 'Me and My Girls' came about through the film 'Downtown 81' starring Jean-Michel Basquiat. The writers wanted to get the most interesting people around into a film, playing exaggerated versions of themselves, to show what life was like for the downtown New York crowd. It made so much sense in my head and fitted perfectly into a school project. I decided (for now) I'd scale it down to a group of friends - Four girls with individual styles but a great friendship. It's a healthy mixture of 'Sex in the City', 'The Craft' and 'MisFits' with that hint of young British rawness."

To find out what might come next from the land of Larry ........ check his TWITTER.

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