Friday, 15 April 2011

Friday April 15th: "Smoke & Mirrors" at SHOWstudio

The latest exhibition to open in the gallery space at SHOWstudio is entitled "Practice to Deceive: Smoke & Mirrors in Fashion, Fine Art and Film". This theme has been explored across many mediums and all individually spectacular which results in an incredible group show. I was very excited to see an original "Sound Sculpture Robe" by Francois & Bernard Baschet from the opening scene of William Klein's "Qui ĂȘtes-vous, Polly Maggoo?". William Klein's "Smoke and Veil" hangs in amongst a wall of other iconic black and white works acting as a historical context for the show. Contemporary photography is represented by Walter Hugo who has an ongoing project taking portraits of London's new generation of creatives. Ironically these shots don't immediately appear current as Walter's hazy glass plates hark back to 19th century technique using a pin hole camera he has built for the project.
In the basement of the SHOWstudio Shop on Bruton Place is Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben's film "Jo Calderone" which is projected exactly where it was first shot in house. The flickering imagery of a young man excersing and smoking to the beat of the soundtrack, is actually Lady Gaga in drag for Vogue Hommes Japan........ a smokescreen in more ways than one. Nick Knight's other classic and more colourful portrait capturing Susie Bick smoking is included which is great news for any collectors of his work. Apart from this, if I could invest in a piece I would like to pick out either the Stephen Jones "Mirrored Mask" or Henry Krokatsis Untitled assembly of mirrors for my wall!!!!

To see more about the exhibition go to the SHOWstudio Shop
To see photos from the private view go to the blog.
Watch this excellent little documentary about Walter Hugo and a clip from Polly Maggoo:

Reflecting the Bright Lights... from London Sessions Productions on Vimeo.

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