Thursday, 14 April 2011

Thurs 16th April: Super Ted

I'm currently working on a job designing a bike for someone .......... for which I have been teamed up with Super Ted who will build the dream machine. Ted has been talking me through all the intricacies and possibilities of putting together a bespoke bike. I just want one for myself now! Yesterday we went to look at lacquer colours ......... RAINBOW for me please!!! Here is Ted's workshop with all the various fixtures and fittings he has assembled in order to hand craft every component ........ including even constructing his own drill-bits from scratch for the machinery to fit exact dimensions. Watch this film to get an idea of the extent of geekiness you can get into when putting together your own frame........... I am learning alot!

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Doni Brown said...

Well either way it's going to be amazing, because your designing it!