Friday, 4 November 2011

Fri Nov 4th: 20 years of Dazed & Confused "Making It Up As We Go Along" at Somerset House

A great majority of my life story in entering the fashion industry comes down to the revolving door at Dazed & Confused magazine. I first interned there in 2001 which was exactly slap bang in the middle of the 20 year history they are currently celebrating with a retrospective exhibition. I ran the gauntlet of the intimidating office - in the days when smoking at your desk was still a given! My favourite thing was to get lost in the library, looking thru the back catalog of issues I remembered from my earlier teens. I was gutted when they stopped the double reverse cover idea so to look back at all of these profiles was brilliant.......... which is exactly what you can do when you visit this show. Tear sheets of stories and spreads have been displayed in boxes that take over the parquet floor galleries with individual shots blown up hanging on the adjacent walls. All the classics are there to discover in a format as if you are at an adventure playground, darting in and out of enclaves to find hidden gems. Its a map of imagery that Ive assisted on, made things for and freinds have likewise ....... for example a Nicola Formichetti shoot with a necklace from my very first collection ....... I had no idea when I was a runner picking up his negatives from Metro studios that one day he would be giving me credits on the very same pages.
This is a great show for any magazine obsessives / collectors who will really enjoy iconic works revisted, including the awesome Rankin shoot with Aimee Mullins which rotates in a slide show.

Visit Somerset House to check out the show and buy the book at 20 Years of Dazed & Confused

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Disneyrollergirl said...

Ah, the twists and turns that life takes! Must get my ass to this... thanks for coming to Peroni too x