Friday, 4 November 2011

Fri Nov 4th: Peroni Collaborazioni

Last evening was the unveliing on the Peroni Collaborazioni collaboration project with a stellar line up of talent combining bloggers and fashion designers:
Disneyrollergirl & Shaun Samson
Fashion Foie Gras & Jessica de Lotz
Stylebubble & Maarten van der Horst
The duos teamed up to create a new work inspired by Italian style such as jeweller Jessica De Lotz seen here with the bicycle bell that she made detachable to slot into a ring to be wearable! Jessica's attention to detail follows thru from her work to her own style from head to toe - and a particular fondness for latex with this blue bow! Shaun Sampson sampled a tailored suit with panels of fine hair which needed a final comb to detangle when setting up the exhibition. Here he is with both Navaz and Lulu Kennedy who champions the designer alongside Maarten, who's shirt she was sporting for the occasion. Maarten made a dress in his signature jungle print and tulle cloud volume silhouette which Susie is very excited about trying on! I can't imagine anyone else more perfectly fitting to style out such a cosmic garm so I look forward to seeing that! Here are intro film clips to explain more ...........

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Disneyrollergirl said...

Thanks for posting these gorgeous girl! Am waiting for some good photos of Shaun's creation to post up on my site, but glad you got to see it close up. The 'hair' was actually silk devore (crazy right?), layered nine times to create a hair-like fabric. It's so mental I can't even explain it properly in words! Loved Jessica's cute watch-ring invention!