Saturday, 5 November 2011

Sat 5th Nov: Patrick Wolf for Jo Whiley Part 2

When I was at school I used to come home every day and religiously listen to the Evening Session on Radio 1 presented by Steve Lamacq and Jo Whiley. The only days I would miss it were the times I was actually out at gigs of bands they would have had in session. At Christmas the station used to programme the best excerpts of the year into one continuous stream which I would record onto CASSETTE!!! using a timer to go back to the stereo and turn it over every 45mins! So as you may detect I was a bit of a Whiley/Lamo fan - which got particularly exciting when she started to co-host the Glastonbury coverage on Channel 4. 18 years later she now has her own stand alone show on Sky Arts which I visited with Patrick Wolf when he performed for the 3rd episode. It was surreal spending all day looking at this set being there in person, and then going home that night to watch the same set from my sofa when it aired on TV! Here are snaps of the camera crew shooting thru crystals, Patrick in sound check, signing the guest book and with one of the other guests Mel C - which was a massive highlight of the day for him! Its funny that this was filmed in a studio on the parallel street to where the original Buffalo shoe shop was where both of us bought our platform sneakers when we were teenagers ......... and the Spice Girls themselves!
To see highlights from the show go to the site here.

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