Thursday, 8 October 2009

Thurs 8th Oct: Interior Politics

This evening is the first time Amy, Anna and Bella have opened the doors to their studio/gallery to exhibit their latest photography work as a joint show named "Interior Politics".  Lets hope there haven't been any inter party politics or domestics whilst putting it up!  But looking at the 3 way self portrait on the flyer I think we can hazard a guess that the three amigos are  inextricably linked in harmony for their debut.  Although its a joint effort in curation, each artist's series is totally separate and been devised in their own solitude and individual sanctuary outside the studio.  For example here is one of Anna's pieces which comes from an anthropological study of common artifacts found on her journeys across Europe.   Whilst Anna has been capturing urban landscapes, Amy has been continuing her personal project "The Housewife" which I can't wait to see out of her blog and realised up on the wall.............if that's what it will be?............who knows............judging from this snap of a slide projector there might be some fancy-pants projections?........... to find out, pop along to the private view............

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