Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tues 6th Oct: Brie Harrison

Kim Howells has dedicated today's blog post to my S/S 10 collection so I thought it was time to start posting some of it myself. Here are the pieces that I made with the patterns i collaborated on with print master extraordinnaire Brie Harrison. The geometric designs are derived from the 8 pointed star that kept cropping up during the whole process this season..........I couldn't get away from it. From the negative space inbetween physical sections to the constellations of diagonal earrings grouped together........
The mini and large "snake" pieces that twist and tessellate have prints that correspond to those panels ........Brie got fully involved with the maths behind the madness and realised my dream which was so exciting. The larger star top was engineered by Camille Jacquemart who became my right-hand (wo)man over the last 6 months.........so this is a massive shout-out to her too. In addition, props to Jacqueline White for being at the end of the line in "phone a friend" style to answer our pleas of ignorance to piping.

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