Monday, 24 January 2011

Mon 24th Jan: NOKI à PARIS

"Ok Fred
Following on with more Paris visuals
Fashion drama happened
between 1st photo and the next
I was jumped by a Paris street gang..
Got hit on the head but hard, loud Scottish rant saved me and a Perrier bottle as a weapon.
It was like being back in Aberdeen
So I got out of it with learned behavior..
Lost my iphone charger only, over slept so made it late to my BFC MAN stand..
Noki Noir is still alive..
All good surviving stylishly x "

(Paris street sculpture - Bite the Apple, Street safety is SO important ha ha, My Hotel room number - It was a long night - Sore head but alive and kicking the one-off always, Sending you special F's from Paris)

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