Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thurs Jan 27th: Jessie J by Dan Wilton

Just before the world implodes with Jessie J fever with The Brits in February and her debut album release in March.......... Ive caught up with the photographer responsible for her portraits to date .......... including the cover for "Do It Like A Dude". The early images of legendary artists become the iconic shots that captured their purest essence .......... so lets set the scene of how Jessie's came about with Dan Wilton.......

FB: How did you first start working with Jessie?
DW: I think it was through the shoots I've done with Cocknbullkid. Jessie's PR saw the shots and got in touch

FB: Whose idea was it to shoot her on the children's ride? Is it one you know well!
DW: Haha. I actually spotted it as I was walking to my studio on the day of the shoot. It really fitted with fun, lo-fi look they wanted.

FB: You took her to a cafe - whats your favourite London greasy spoon and whats your dish of choice? (Is it a Manzees eel and pie shop you shot her in? If so, what did she think of the eel and liquor?)
DW: She's mad about the liquor! It was more her taking me to the cafe really, I didn't have an option. It was the one on Bethnal Green road.
Nico's is my favourite greasy spoon. Just round the corner from Bethnal Green tube station. Favourite dish kind of depends on the level of hangover (the only time I really eat there is with a hangover). Usually I don't have time to sit down so it'll be a take away special - bacon, beans & hashbrown sandwich. Rowdy

FB: She looks like a laugh - has she taught you any jokes?
DW: I don't remember any jokes. But she's pretty amazing at pulling faces.

FB: If you could have a dream job, what other current emerging artist would you like to shoot album artwork for?
DW: Bo Ningen

FB: If you could choose to nominate an act for The Mercury, who would you choose and why?
DW: Sex Bob-Omb because they totally rule. I just wish they were actually a real band. Damn

To see more outtakes from Dan's shoots and keep up to date with all the acts and characters he is shooting, check out his Blog
(All images c/o Dan .......... and my snap of a recent Evening Standard paper)

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