Friday, 25 February 2011

Friday 25th Feb: Fashion East Men

In 2005 "Fashion East MAN" was established to give 3 menswear designers a runway show in addition to its main womenswear event. Now there is also an area of installations in Somerset House for 10 menswear designers to preview their collections to press and buyers. Whether its a still life of products or performance piece, its always the most fun arena to explore on schedule. Here is the mastermind behind Fashion East Lulu Kennedy sporting a spotty pair of wellingtons from Louise Gray's new collaboration with Nicholas Kirkwood for Pollini. Here is Louise herself at her space in the exhibit showing a few styles of screen printed stripey shirts in an offshoot capsule men's collection.......... perhaps a perfect addition to the wardrobe for her stylist Richard Sloan and his new lilac hair. Lulu is always the best ambassador for the organisation's supported designers, wearing their wares in the most comfortable and chic compositions. Looks like this Christopher Shannon scarf must have come straight off the catwalk as he had only just shown his new AW11 in the main tent moments before.

Keep an eye on her blog for new developments for Lulu's own line Lulu & Co. which brings together one unique design from a selection of 10 names previously supported in the 10 years of the Fashion East scheme.

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