Thursday, 24 February 2011

Thurs 24th Feb: Husam El Odeh AW11 "Ephemeral"

For SS11 Husam created a collection "Alchemia" for which his gift at the presentation day was a little smelted droplet threaded on blue cotton to wear round the neck. This season, Husam's installation took shape in an accumulation of glass bottles and carnations for his new theme "Ephemeral". He lifted a flower head out of the display and dropped it in my hand............ the delicate petals had been pierced and strung onto a silver chain. It was a beautiful necklace that I wore all day in spirit of the concept, and is only now just wilting away like a butterfly that has spent its short life to share its sublime shine. Husam was wearing one on his lapel and looking the dashing part as he always does to calmly and methodically take you through his latest offering. A few pieces were on view with more to follow at the official launch next week in Paris. I love the silver watch bangle - classic charm in a cheeky reinvention of accessorizing!
To see the complete collection, head to the Rainbowwave Showroom.

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