Thursday 24 February 2011

Thurs 24th Feb: Alex Noble

The definitive couture collection of London Fashion Week crept onto the schedule for the first time with a presentation at The Crypt, St Martins In The Field. Alex Noble's entirely hand sewn mesh, lace, sequin, silk and crystal encrusted dresses hung like museum artefacts as unearthed treasures from an archaeological dig. The specimens from an interplanetary dimension were styled by Anna Trevelyan in an installation to display details of the anatomical direction. Alex's particular illustrative sensibility akin to Hans Bellmar skeletal and sinister style was translated from the mark-making of his canvases to encase the body with embroidered embellishment. All the strings to his ridiculously talented bow were brought together for his debut collection in sympathetic set design, working with Hannah Holland on an eery soundtrack to fill the space. Collaborators on the display included Anna Bruder, Adam Vergette, James Firman and shoes by Claire Davis........... all artists Alex has previously curated shows with during his residency at the Superstore Gallery. Now Alex has side-stepped his various avenues of creative commitments, the next 6 months are going to be a crucial development in his couture career........ WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!