Friday, 25 February 2011

Friday 25th Feb: Kokon To Zai AW11

Irrespective of trends and seasons - I need this Kokon To Zai collection in my wardrobe forever. All the way from the stripey shoes, optical panelled leggings, asymmetric patchwork fin dresses, chunky warrior accessories, ball bangles and squiggle shape afro combs. It was a mash up of Oskar Schlemmer sculptural proportions, Memphis furniture graphic patterns with a dash of 80's Disney Mickey Mouse Club thrown in for good measure. For the first time, designer Koji Maruyama came to London to walk out for the encore to wave alongside Marjan Pejoski. Congratulations - I am in LOVE and desperate to try some of it on!

To see a more detailed selection of photos of the garments and jewellry, head over to Un Nouveau Ideal

(Images all by me except invitation artwork and Silhouette Ive stolen from Koji's facebook. Top to bottom: Makeup by Thomas De Kluyver, Hair pics and bangles and clothes being packed up backstage, Show styled by Anna Trevelyan with hair by Charlie Le Mindu)

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drg said...

WOW, I want Mari Sarai's jumper and AAALLLL the hair accessories