Friday, 6 February 2009

Friday 6th Feb: Introducing Ben Fern

If I am Danger Mouse, here is my Penfold.

My blog now has an outside informer in the shape of a Central Saint Martins fashion communication foundation student Ben Fern. He has many projects to juggle in addition to starting a fanzine, whilst also applying for BA . So to experience some true-to-life fashion career crushing responsibility he has signed up to research for this resource.
Here is a mini synopsis of our new voice:

" Live in tooting but come from Loughborough, where i was at Loughborough Grammar school. Ermmm my favourite cheese is brie, favourite designer might have to be a mix between Proenza Schoeler and a good old bit of revolutionsionary Vivienne! I aim in a few years to either be a socialite, which i sincerely doubt will happen or a fashion something or other, just as long as it's fashion as its my only love. And make sure everyone who reads your blog is patient with me, as I'm new. "

I like the way this portrait already looks like a Polaroid by Ezra Petronio for Self Service! We have a contender.....

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