Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Tues 3rd Feb: Just landed - The Colour Of Sound

Uslu Airlines have once again answered to my synesthesia callings with the latest edition to their nail varnish range. The previous collaboration for Colette's birthday in making a specially scented metallic blue colour, had me sniffing my fingers in a suspiciously unsociable regularity. This time, the concept has picked up on another of the 6 senses and has been developed with sound. Entitled "DJ Nails" its not so much about the speed at which said digits move but the choice of tune. 4 International DJ's were asked not only to write a track and pick a colour but also use the USLU trademark theme of airports to invent and title their very own gloss. For example BusyP (Justice) chose PSG -Petersburg in Alaska (James A Johnson airport) for his glow-in-the-dark version. Although he has never actually been there, the initials stand for PARIS SAINT GERMAIN which is his favourite football team.
For anyone that is in the dark about USLU .......... Feride Uslu founded the cosmetics company originally naming it after her unique airbrush application system before diversifying to other products. For example you can see circles of makeup airbrushed across the face and hair of a partygoer at the launch (accessorized with AMAZING rainbow necklace made from spraycan lids!). Thank you to Feride and Jan for sending me a selection of their iPhotos from the Colette Blogs Party No.1. (here is Feride - sitting right, obscuring her face with the magic manicure).

To check out the tracks by Headman, Rollerboys, Fetisch and BusyP go to http://www.myspace.com/usluairlinesdjs

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