Saturday, 7 February 2009

Sat 7th Feb: Pimp My Bass

Here is the latest project by my friend Raphael Perret a.k.a Friedrich Digital which GABi of Three As FOUR named him when he interned for them in 2003. Since this time in New York, Friedrich has settled back in Zurich and been developing intensely bonkers art such as this new offering "Pimp My Bass". As a thoroughbred Essex Girl, this automotive project resonates with my formative years of watching the Friday night circuit circus.
Friedrich bought a pair of bass shakers that are usually used to make a car move with its sound system but here they have been transformed into a drawing tool. I daren't attempt any more explanation so here is the blurb and the final video:

Q: What ist “Paint My Bass”?
A: PMB is the little brother of Pimp My Ride.
A: An audio installation with a Bass Shaker. That is a loudspeaker producing frequencies from 20-100Hz. A visitor can plug an iPod and play music with heavy bass. Thus the music becomes the ‘gas’ for the Shaker to move/vibrate on the ground. While moving about, one can paint some traces.

Q: What kind of music works best?
A: Bass lines in the range from 20-100Hz. Mostly techno music is dealing in such a low realm. Noisemakers etc. would work too. With some pitch shifting any input can be mapped to the target range. Meaning it could also be performed live…
A: From all the tracks I tried, ‘AA XXX’ from ‘Peaches’ works best. It has a low and driving bass line that unfolds a miracle.

Paint My Bass from Raphael Perret on Vimeo.

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Fayoona said...

that sounds awesome. there is battle of the djs in my college next week, that would be vair useful for some afterparties..
SOS-er fi xx