Thursday, 5 February 2009

Thurs 5th Feb: Chocks Away!

We can now give explanation as to why our set builder's (Andy Knight) Christmas Party was Blitz themed. They were inspired after spending a couple of weeks constructing a replica aircraft specially for the latest British Vogue story by Tim Walker with set design by Andy Hillman. Lily Donaldson had to hoist up her Bottega Veneta two-piece in order to scale the spitfire to hang off the the wing mid air inside Glemham Hall. I asked Andy if he had any anecdotes from the shoot to accompany these snaps. Unfortunately his funniest memory was some scaffolding terminology that he learnt during the installation with the riggers, which quite frankly is unrepeatable due to is misogynistic leanings! Lets hope Miss Donaldson was not privy to this colourful language whilst having her hair set in rollers!
There is another shoot in the same issue by Tim and Andy with Caroline Trentini set within a mystical white wonderland in a Swarovski special for which Andy was lucky enough to be flown to the HQ in Austria for research.


miss milki said...

Can't wait to see that - looks amazing!

James said...

That is amazing...! I've never wanted my own indoor replica spitfire before.

Now I do. Now I really, really do.

Rollergirl said...

Oh glorious. That shoot was one of TW's best. Now, please can you tell me some more about the wallpaper? Is it specially made?

fredbutlerstyle said...

The official answer from Hillman HQ is that yes they did make the wallpaper and apparently you are not the 1st to question its origin!