Friday 9 November 2007

Friday 09 November Andy Hillman's Birthday

A week after the event, we finally celebrated Andy's birthday in the typical studio ritual of cava and cake.............but this time we got a bit creative to honour the dad-to-be with suitably grown up confectionary....................

Thurs 08 November Michael Clark Company

We had a props/stylist group outing last night to marvel at the latest Michael Clark performance at the Barbican.
The three parts build up to a crescendo in ochestra, choir and lighting. Its Clark trademark hip circling, fist punching moves but pushed to outer limits of stunning physical grace and synchronicity. Stevie Stewart's costumes deserve a special mention in the beautiful complexity of pattern cutting and fantastic recreation of Leigh Bowery's toilet seat neck piece.
Its on until the 10th so if you havn't been..........get yourself following that yellow line down there

Thursday 8 November 2007

Wednesday 7th November Selfridges Christmas Windows

Hey Presto! The christmas windows have been unveiled..............and amongst all things spangly are my 10 crowns..........see if you can spot them.............
Shout out: Thanks to the dexterity of the following in helping make them: Holly Macdonald, Maki Lou Lou, Becki Evans, Alison Lewis XXXXXXXXXXXX

Wednesday 7 November 2007

Tuesday 6th November Uniqlo Store Launch

Uniqlo unveiled the 1st of their new London stores last night to the longest guest list the city has seen.............the Pantone rainbow of cashmere got the thumbs up from me...........
En route I had an unexpected intermission from a lost Jack Russell..........the shaky dog borded my bus at Kings Cross on his I had to scoop the little chap up and carry him back to the Pentonville Road until he spotted his owners........which turned out to be 2 drunks who gave me a big beardy smelly wet kiss as thanks.............
So sorry to all the fashionistas that I air kissed last night, who would have unwittingly transmitted a bit of 2nd hand genuine eau de London street.......

Tuesday 6 November 2007

Sunday 4th November Spain "las dos en punto"

We had our own pilgrimage to find these 2 ladies that we kept seeing photos of around town "It pays homage to Santiago de Compostela to Maruxa and Coralia known as "Las Marias," two public figures, loved by the compostelanos that in an era violated certain rules of conduct.
with colored costumes of their own manufacture, which provides them with a carnavalesco appearance on the scene of the gray city"

Saturday 3rd November Miguel Villalobos

Here is the work of Miguel who is an illustrator, jewellry designer, photographer...........and all round explosively smiley sole. In the centre is his beautiful portrait of Diane Pernet who wears a silver snail in her hair that was a gift from Miguel.

Friday 2nd November Santiago De Compostela

The festival is being held in the stunning pilgrimage destination of Santiago. Here we are exploring the gardens of one of the monasteries.

Thursday 1st November Noovo Festival

ThreeAsFOUR explaining their delight at having the oppourtunity to reach out to an audience of young aspiring talent in Europe by sharing thier work at this festival in Spain. The message is to demonstrate that their success is achievable to anyone anywhere with the passion and spark to follow in thier footsteps. Originally hailing from the Lebanon, Tajikstan and Israel, they are always keen to spread the word internatioanlly.