Saturday 8 March 2014

Saturday 8th March: Gemma Tickle's "POP!" at DARKROOM

Now I'm back from Paris and straight into London life, loving all my favourite things here - such as accessories / home interior boutique Darkroom who regularly collaborate with artists on their window installations.  The latest graphic style to grace their newly striped tile plinth is the work of set designer Gemma Tickle who has created these over-size angular balloon sculptures "POP!".  They are props but also for sale at £300 each for houses that could make a good home for these colourful wonders of joy.
Show runs 5th-25th March 2014.
52 Lamb’s Conduit Street
(Images: a mix of my own photos, Gemma & Darkroom's Instagram feeds)

Saturday 8th March: PFW = Rankin "A Little More Rankin"

On our last evening in Paris we joined Kim Howells (HUNGER MAG) to view the launch exhibition for Rankin's new book and collection of un-published works.  Here are a few of the images in A Gallery and guest Diane Pernet who I had a mutual double "blogging me, blogging you" moment.  Read an interview and watch an interview with Rankin on Diane's blog here and here

Rue LĂ©once Reynaud, 4
75116 Paris

Sat 8th March: PFW = Kenny Scharf at Colette

Colette is always a first destination for me if I ever find myself in Paris.  I love it  for the vibe, smell, sounds, garms, gadgets and the exhibition space.  The latest show in the gallery is new painted canvas works by “Pop Abstract Surrealist” Kenny Scharf and then a couple of site specific graffiti pieces, spray-painted  directly onto the stores wall (outside and in).  To 2nd the excitement of this legend made accessible, is the wearable equivalent in the form of a collaboration with Jeremy Scott................ YUM!!!!
Shop the collection here.

Friday 7 March 2014

Friday 7th March: PFW = Paris by Day, Paris by Night

Paris Fashion Week was spent by day at Capsule Show with Keely Hunter and Kitty Joseph  ........... by night with Kim Howells and Brit crew  .................. 
(Pics top to bottom:  Metro mosaic, Bas Kosters and his collection "Clowns Are People Too", Kiri Mioqi wearing Bas Kosters outfit, Keely with her new AW14 millinery collection "Thermal Bridge", both Kim Howells and I wearing Kitty Joseph clothes and Keely headwear, Eva Lee from Shanghai store Wo Lee, Rosy Nicholas shoe collaboration with Kitty Joseph, my rainbow hair c/o FUDGE, general pics of us being silly trying things on, the "London Loves Paris" party and the designers who organised it: Noel Stewart, Yunus & Eliza, Atalanta Weller & Holly Fulton with dj TEED, Laura Hinson wearing the new Giles "EEK" beanie hat in collaboration with Wool And The Gang  , Kim & Jean-Sebastien at David Lynch's club Silencio, Josh Quinton dj'ing, reunited with Beth Ditto)

Friday 7th March: PFW = Dries Van Noten - Inspirations at Les Arts Decoratifs PART 2

................. and more images for a 2nd insight into the works on show at Dries Van Noten  "Inspirations" c/o Kitty Joseph.