Wednesday 30 December 2015

Weds 30th December: "Wrappers Delight" for The STStyle

The ST Style asked me to show a new idea for Christmas wrapping that people can try at home, here's what I came up with:

This is what I will term "PInata Wrapping".  It's encasing your gift in an abstract shape so there's absolutely no guess-work that will detect whats inside!  

Cut out 20 circles from coloured card (ie. £1 shops have great selection packs).  According to size of gift, use a cup or plate as template.
Take each circle and find the centre.  Fold in the edge to meet this point on 3 sides, in a triangle.
Staple or glue flaps together to connect all 20 pieces.
Remember to drop your gift in as you go along!