Saturday 21 March 2009

Sat 21st March: Another Man

I'm so chuffed not only to discover that my accessories have been styled by Nicola Formichetti but doubly pleased that they appear in the new Another Man. When I design it is never with a particular gender in mind and so it was an unsettling surprise when I realised that my S/S 09 collection turned out to be so feminine. So hallelujah it didn't actually limit the usage and here are both the Hydrangea hat and caterpillar necklaces used in this mixed up, muddled up collage story. Woo Hoo


Friday 20 March 2009

Friday 20th March: Louise Gray Friendship Brooch

Stop the press! Louise Gray for £20!
This is an exceptionally exciting project that has launched today on Selected designers are collaborating with the online retailer to design a limited edition special product exclusive to them at an accessible price point. Louise's concept is a friendship brooch/keyring much like the heart lockets that you could split and share half with your other half. So on that basis you could go dibs-in with a friend and pay £10 for one of these handmade accessories that will be delivered in a custom built box. Whats stopping you? Quick, once they are gone, they're gone!

Friday 20th March: I love London, Zaiba Jabbar

I recently had the pleasure of meeting female film maker Zaiba Jabbar who was another director included in the Birds Eye View fashion screening for her David David short for S/S 09. During London fashion week she trawled the various events capturing the faces and places in a series of stop frame animations that she has compiled into a short film. This contribution for is a full 6 mins jam packed with the best insight into the atmostphere of the antics which pisses (please excuse my language) on any party pic pages that may have cropped up in the press. By asking fashion folk to blow a kiss into her camera, Zaiba has linked the love to a soundtrack by Crystal Fighters. Not only is this shot in a unique way but its a unique and informed experience of living life to the max at LFW.

Thursday 19 March 2009

Thurs 19th: New Shoes!

Thanks to for recommending me to the Nike ID project, I have been able to design my very own pair of trainers (for free)! I met Adrian Fenech in the ID studio at Nike Town and he showed me the operation of how to choose your sneaker style and then systematically select the leathers, stitching, detailing and text if desired. You can build your dream shoe in a 3D computer package and then have it made and delivered in a few weeks. Obviously my criteria was to fit as many colours on as possible and mastermine a truly rainbowtastic dunk. I love the silver heel especially and the contrast stitching of red on blue. Yum Yum Yum! I know having my name embroidered is a bit cheesy, but heck, I don't take myself that seriously - its too funny to turn down!
I hate shoes and I hate buying them even more. So this was a dream come true. I picked them up yesterday and have bounced into work this morning feeling better than Mr Soft from the mint advert. Its hard to take my eyes off them. I might even sleep in them like my nephew and wellies.
I can FULLY recommend this service to anyone who has a spare ton to transform their toes!

Wednesday 18 March 2009

Weds 18th March: Michael Vanderham

Well here it is: the moment that I have been waiting for. Over the last few years Michael has invited me to the Central St. Martins MA static show to get to see the collections up close and personal. Finally it was his turn to shine as he graduated this year. I proudly stood by his stand for the duration of the preview and felt like his mum, making loud noises of approval just incase anyone had missed it for themselves.
Its so incredible to explore each dress and appreciate the inconceivable level of work in every spliced garment and also examine the sketch books where the trouble shooting took place. Michael has plotted out the whole process from initial historical investigations through to collaging the references to arrive at the intricate pattern cutting and fabric choices. Already gleaning glimmering press, I'm sure that Michael's next steps are going to follow the ones laid down by last year's success story of Mary Katrantzou (who I also blogged about from the static when I instantly fell for her). This is the unknown excitement that is synonymous with the unwritten chapter in the lifecycle of Louise's offspring when they fly the nest ............

Photos coutesy of Kim Howells

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Tues 17th: thecocknbullkid

Yay, there are beautiful photos from thecocknbullkid single launch at the ICA last week. It was a double celebration as she signed to Moshi Moshi/Island on the same night. Congratulations! I have also included this endearingly catchy video from Your Twenties who supported on the night. This is for no particular reason other than the fact that I really like it and they made it themselves! Enjoy!
Whilst there are many many more Moshi Moshi related activities going on the other side of the pond at SXSW, the next night in London is already on the agenda with new 3 piece girl act
"An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump" @ The Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on the 26th March.

Photos courtesy: Dan Wilton
To see more of Miss Blay and a wealth of other acts and scenes:

Monday 16 March 2009

Mon 16th March: Where can I fix my camera?

Sorry for the lack of entries, Im in Buenos Aires!
Actually and quite obviously Im not, I wish I was. But I can now look like I am, thanks to Alex Cunningham who brought these dope specs back from her trip for me!
The real reason for my absense is the persisting lack of camera. Although I do not manage to keep the content daily as was my initial intention, Ive realised that if i had a camera I could almost run a subsidiary blog for all the things that get left out. So many of my day to day antics get left by the wayside as I can't record the events. Last week I gave a lecture for Penny Martin at LCF, saw The Birds Eye View fashion film screening at the ICA, shot my look-book, joined the chaos at hairstylist Lyndell Mansfield's Too Many Tina's birthday party, took Maki to the Hussein Chalayan exhibit, dj'd with Teo (twice if I add the V&A gig from the previous week), was interviewed by Kasia Bobula for the only thing that didn't come off was attending the single launch for thecocknbullkid because it was so oversubscribed which was absolutely fantastic news for Anita, but brought about a little tear in my eye on account of missing her and Your Twenties.........................exciting times for them both

But please be patient with this blog, i hope to resolve the camera issue and get back to form..............any ideas, please let me know? Jessops reckon its a non-refundable £25 just to give a diagnosis.............

Thanks to Laura McDougall for this camera phone snap