Saturday 22 December 2012

Sat 22nd Dec: Christmas Sale

Here are some snaps from our studio Christmas Sale including Janine Barraclough jewellry and JWAnderson knitwear.......... my my table of stocking fillers for sale in sushi boxes........ purchased by Mei Hui who visited me at home the following day to see more............. wearing a dress with a pattern that totally encapsulates my aesthetic and fitted perfectly amongst my cushions!!  <3 font="font">

Friday 21 December 2012

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Weds 19th Dec: ‘If I should Die Tonight’ by Rosy Nicholas

When I read the title ‘If I should Die Tonight’ for Rosy's first major solo show I was mildly worried and totally missed the point, so thank goodness it all fell into place when she explained it to me, stood under a montage of Marvin Gaye.  Not only is it the title of a track by the legend and personal hero to Rosy, but also describes the concept for her filling the gallery with all of her favourite things - as if it were an Egyptian tomb or time capsule to encapsulate her passions.  Rosy is obsessed with all things Pharaoh which accounts for her trademark bust (now pimped up with glowing eyes) which first made an appearance on her Supermarket Sarah wall.  To add into the ancient world mix, Rosy has made her own wallpaper with unique mark-making patterns on each roll, reflecting her other preoccupation of Hockney and his squiggle illustrative style.  Add to this a measure of Memphis geometric shelves  and a pinch of Jean-Paul Goud-ish props ........... and you have the Indiana Jones meets Keith Haring kind of heaven where Rosy is channelling her energy if the world should come to an end tomorrow.  The problem is that I don't think she'll be able to keep any of this enchanting ephemera because everyone else wants a piece............. including me ............ especially the gorgeous tiger statue built exactly like its stepped out of one of her drawings. 
Step into Rosy's 80's jazzy world to experience the full effect for yourself during the holiday season at Jaguar Shoes until 27th January 2013 at:
32- 36 Kingsland Road. London. E2 8DA
You can also visit the NO ONE boutique across the road to buy her Christmas Cards..