Saturday 3 January 2009

Sun 4th Jan 2009: Frock Me Revisited

Nova Dando has just got in touch with me to send over her photos from our day on set at "Frock Me" which I didn't get to snap myself, so thanks Nova (seen in bottom pic)! These pictures are hilarious and totally sum up the whole experience. Its a nice opportunity to see Gary Card's incredible set stationary as apposed to in motion . He had to assemble it for each episode as the filming days were weekly and the venue only rented the space for the allocated time. I remember him saying that it was like looking after your child........... having to lovingly get it ready for the day and then carefully transport it home at the end. On the subject of children, I look distinctly Blue Peter here, all I need is an elephant taking a dump in the background and the similarity is uncanny...............

3rd Jan 2009: Good Day, Bad Day Part II

Our studio is always tuned into BBC Radio 6 and the highlight of the day for me is Steve Lamaccq. I spent my formative years listening to him and Jo Whiley every night presenting The Evening Session and used to tape and catalogue each session like the otaku indie kid I was. So now I'm so pleased he still presents a daily show. However I occasionally get riled with the feature "Good Day, Bad Day" when guests who phone in are so boring! It got to breaking point and I emailed in. The result?! I somehow managed ending up doing it myself?! The 1st one of 2009 which was quite cute. He was really sweet and it was actually a bit of a moment for me to get to talk to the man who helped me get through the dark days of school.
In an ironic and predictable outcome, I accidentally fell into the trap that I hate by being totally unoriginal and saying the same droll thing everyone else says. It was a "good day" just because I got to do "Good Day Bad Day". So shoot me?! Or have a go yourself, just email in.................

Here was my good day record:

Good Day, Bad Day

Thursday 1 January 2009

Thurs 1st Jan 2009: nouvelle année heureuse

Happy New Year from Sarah Lerfel (or "Colette's Girl" as goes the listing in Ezra Petronio's Bold & Beautiful book)

Tuesday 30 December 2008

Tues 30th Dec: Soul mate?

Since my profile appeared on MySPACE Fashion, I have had a scarily sizable friend request box that I don't really touch. But one picture made me stop and here he is. I looked him up and it seems I have a double-ganger in L.A. Its a mix of rainbow colours, with accents of black'n'white and then a side line in holographic cosmicness. HELLO! Where have you been all my life?!
Brian is a designer based in Los Angeles who has created stage outfits for an amazing list of singers: M.I.A, Santogold, Beth Ditto, Peaches, Katy Perry, Lady Ga Ga and Yelle. Wow. Thats a healthy client list for someone who discovered fashion via Hussein Chalayan as worn by Bjork.

I have borrowed (without permission) these beautiful photos from my favourite interiors site

Monday 29 December 2008

Monday 29th Dec: Lucy Aebischer

Over the Christmas holiday I am blessed with the help of Visual Communications student Lucy Aebischer who has given up her free time to come and listen to my ailment moaning. Lucy is in her final year of studying so not long before she can unleash her illustration and prop styling into the big wide world. Another forte of hers (much like the infamous Maki Lou Lou, of "Boss" cupcake fame) is baking. To demonstrate her skills we have already sampled choc chip cupcakes decorated with her new Internet aqcusistion of edible glitter icing. To view more of her culinary conquests go to this blog: and to view more pioneering sparkle glass lens photography (seen here) go to this blog:

Sunday 28 December 2008

Sun 28th Dec: Brie Harrison

The last issue of Amelia's Magazine EVER has been published, typically teaming with illustrations galore and great photographic music profiles to put faces to the new names bounding around town. Each issue has always had a gimmick to mark its number in the order.........scratch'n'sniff, colour-by-numbers, glow-in-the dark etc. For the 10th and final edition, Amelia has treated us to a sewing kit akin to the Cloth Kits that were iconic in the 70's. I was over the moon to see the print design of this special textiles commission is by Brie Harrison who was one of my favorite peeps that I graduated with from Brighton. Here is a scan of one of her graduation zip prints that she generously gave me at the time............or perhaps more accurately, I probably obliged her to donate it to me as its so lush. Either way I have treasured it, as you can see!
In our sandwich year, Brie travelled to India to do a placement at a hand block print studio and since her degree, lived in NYC and worked for Design Works International. Now based in London, she has left a stint at Accessorize to freelance and currently designing a new range of greetings cards and wrapping papers for stationery company Art Angels ... She has previously been published in Amelia's and recently been featured in Mike Perry's new book about hand drawn pattern design....'Over & Over'
The ethical company Brie collaborated with for the cut'n'sew kit for Amelia's are Lewes based "Gossypium" who have also had history with the Indian textile industry. They are in partnership with Agrocel, who supply the highstreet with fairtrade cotton. To find out more about the finer details or how to get hold of your own dress to make:
(Photo; Chiara Romagnoli, Styling: Oxana Korsun)