Saturday, 26 March 2011

Sat 26th March: Revisiting SHOWstudio's Leigh Bowery/Nick Knight Print Competition Winners

Leigh Bowery 26 March 1961 – 31 December 1994

Today marks what would have been the 50th birthday of Leigh Bowery. To celebrate the legacy of an incredible creative force, I am looking at the monumental moment that touched down from the angels looking after my destiny. That milestone was being granted the gift of an original Nick Knight print of a Leigh Bowery portrait. In 2004 Simon Foxton waved a magic wand as judge on a SHOWstudio "Guiser" competition and chose 4 entries to each receive an iconic giant artwork. I will explain more of my own thoughts later, but I'll start with another story, having located and contacted 2 other winners to find out where their print is now and what it means to them..........

First to divulge an update on their particular print is Miguel Jacob from Toronto, Canada ..........

Dear Fred,

The photograph that I submitted for the Leigh Bowery/Nick Knight Print Give-Away organized by SHOWstudio is called "Household Fame" and it features my older brother Luis Jacob, a very well-respected artist who has shown at the Guggenheim in New York. It was my brother Luis who introduced me to the work of Leigh Bowery years earlier and who was excited to participate in this project. For me, being an avid fan and admirer of the work of Nick Knight and of SHOWstudio, it was a great opportunity to possibly win one of these iconic prints. Probably like the other winners, I was pleasantly surprised and excited to have been chosen.
Once I received the print, which in my opinion happened to be the most outrageous of the lot, I sent it to the framers and placed it on the wall of my old apartment. As a professional fashion photographer just beginning his career, the image of Leigh Bowery served as a constant visual reminder to push my own boundaries in producing original and thought-provoking work.
In 2008, my brother Luis, along with Pan Wendt, curated a show entitled "Funkaesthetics" and asked if the photograph could be included in the exhibition. Naturally, I said "yes". These are two photos from the exhibition at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery in Toronto, Canada:

In addition to the Nick Knight print, the gallery exhibited an original Leigh Bowery costume (on the right), as well as a copy of my December/January 1987 "The Happy Issue" i-D Magazine (on the left). Following the exhibition in Toronto, the photograph travelled to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island where it was shown at the Confederation Centre Art Gallery.
Last month, I decided to reframe the print and opted on an ornate gold frame. Needless to say, I am eager to bring this piece into my newly purchased home at the end of next month.

Thank you for letting me share the story of my Leigh Bowery photograph.

Miguel Jacob

Friday, 25 March 2011

Sat 26th March: Japan Relief Fund Sale - Sun 27th March at WAH! Nails

Sharmadean Reid and Grace Ladoja have gone a giant leap further than just picking up the phone to pledge money to The Red Cross by donating their time to organising a Japan Relief Fund Sale down at WAH Nails on Sunday. As they have activated such an altruistic endeavour, I think that those of us in London can help support by either volunteering our services to by dropping off designs or attending to purchase..........

"The massive earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March has caused widespread destruction and suffering, relayed on television screens around the world. So to help, we are hosting a huge sale this Sunday 27th March to raise money for the British Red Cross who are helping the Japanese people recover from this devastating natural disaster over the coming months and years.

So far the girls have accumulated original samples given from Kim Jones, Duffy Jewellery, CassettePlaya, Nike, prints by MYSTERIOUS AL and even this Terry Richardson poster of Gaga. If that's not enough to get you breaking open your piggy bank, there is also the offer of discount WAH nails and Bleach dip dye!

They will be selling:


If you want to donate some quality products please contact:

Or you can drop them off at WAH NAILS between 12-8PM MON- SAT

Friday March 25th: Henry Cotton's vs. Hillman Studio

Here is the third season combined team of Tim Walker shooting male muse Andy Macgregor with art direction by Hillman Studio for Henry Cotton's. It was the final job for the crew last summer which set an end of school term air of anticipation and fun to the adventure. These dreamy hazy shots of Andy and Lisa Cant were taken by Alex Cunningham whilst working on putting together the pastel lampshades and "Swallows and Amazons" style sailing boat. In the penultimate shot is Andy Hillman himself testing out one of the umbrellas ....... you can head over to the Henry Cotton's site to watch a behind-the-scenes video showing the set builders submerging into the pond to plant the floating decking and caravan........... and lots of footage of Tim's dog having a riot running around the grounds of the stately home location.

See the whole shoot here.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Thurs 24th March: NOKI vs. Judy Blame

Here are some photos from the Mens Day installtions at LFW of the NOKI & Judy Blame collaboration. I couldn't publish these before as I actually snapped them whilst an exclusive shoot was happening for i-D. But the magazine hit the shelves yesterday so I can share my perspective of the day now too. ............... be sure to buy an issue to see the official fantastic portraits and shoots commissioned to cover the day with writing by Tom Ryling.

Thurs 24th March: Sunshine Night Time: A tribute to Leigh Bowery

Just incase anyone doesn't know ........ Saturday marks what would have been the 50th birthday of Leigh Bowery. Sue Tilley has organised a tribute day at The ICA on April 1st with a lunch time talk and then an evening of performance art, music and film. It will be a mix of Leigh's contemporaries and a collection of next generation talent inspired by his incredible legacy inc. Les Child, Richard Torry, Jeffrey Hinton, Scottee, Ryan Styles, Fancy Chance, Johnny Woo, Feral AKA MC Kinky.
To find out more about the events, go to the ICA.
To read a lovely introductory article by Sue Tilley, go to the Independent.

(Thanks to NOKI for sending me this film clip)

Thurs 24th March: The Broken Hearts vs. Paperself

If you watched the film of Lucy Bridge over on yesterday, you would have seen her followed on a shopping trip to look at paper eyelashes on Brick Lane. The brand of this novelty makeup is Paperself who have just launched a new style introduced by guest designers Nisha and Amber a.k.a The Broken Hearts. Here are the girls wearing their underwater treasure theme lashes to best effect as the girls own appearance is their most natural and incidental marketing tool! The heart shape bang beauties have a few projects in the pipeline including a cape collaboration with the knitwear label Electronic Sheep, and a radio show / compilation album which is still classified just for the moment......... so check back for more details soon!
The girls have also recently started a Tumblr site if you are after more inspiration from the home of

(Bottom 3 portraits: Anthony Lycett, Paul Persky, Selfridges photobooth)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Weds March 23rd: Interview with Lucy Bridge

I first came aware of the idiosyncratic British beauty that is Lucy Bridge via a fashion story in i-D for which Tim Walker and Jacob K had discovered her on a No.55 bus. It was one of those editorials that cements why it as a seminal magazine - melding the honest purity of street style with the fantasy aspiration of new season's luxury. Lucy was photographed resplendent and coyly cheeky, dressed all in Chanel which must have arrived as a dream come true for a makeup artist obsessed with the heritage of the Parisian house. But, this is only the beginning of the story and the moment that brought Lucy out from the behind the scenes of the beauty team and into the limelight of the lens that loves her languid long lash stare.
Originally hailing from Preston, and sights set on New York (similar to another Manchester born makeup artist Kabuki) Lucy graduated and moved down to London to explore the industry. Attention to detail of made up eyebrows instilled from her own mother's makeup, triggered off a passion to pursue the medium. Initially Lucy experimented with bold colours and combinations on herself for nights out where she then fortuitously gravitated towards similar minds and set up a strong collective of friends. This contingent are the underground stars, side stepping assisting roles and producing new content currently hitting your unconscious (e.g Jack Borkett - Edward Enninful's assistant). Lucy has been appointed contributing beauty editor of i-D online providing a platform to execute all of her freshest i-deas. When you open the next issue of the magazine you will also find new musicians styled up by her and Tom Berry (Sam McKnight's assistant). .
Whilst gaining coverage from other titles such as W Magazine, and Sunday Times Style, Lucy was also head hunted last year by Evans to represent the brand's new capsule collection with model Tara Lynn alongside guest designer Beth Ditto. It was at Beth's birthday party recently that I met Lucy and Ive included a photo from that night to show her current colour incarnation of dark hair, black kohl licked lids and Berlin beetle tattoo. With muses like Crystal Renn , Lucy is open to opportunities for getting involved in more modelling if the project fits the bill. Its an exciting future with the different doors opening, attracting attention from disparate sources........ to stay in touch with these developments (and hair colour updates!) follow Lucy's blog. To see her portfolio, click here.

(Photos: Top 2 images Tim Walker, photo-booth self portraits, Emma Tempest, Michelle Webb, bottom glass plate portrait by Walter Hugo)

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tues March 22: The London Showrooms in NYC

Watch out, the Brits are abroad! Having returned from Paris, the next stop on tour is NYC for the third consecutive season with The Soho Grand Hotel hosting The London Showrooms. A combination of emerging designers from the BFC New Gen, New Gen Men and CFE schemes are uniting to present their collections and be on hand to provide a face to the name for personal introduction. Here Barbara Grispini has kindly shared her photos from the penthouse on the day of the opening reception held by Sarah Mower. Barbara is a star from the team at The BFC who helps seek out talent and then nurture the participants through the support system once on board. It looks like she is literally embracing the new designers by deviating from her trademark black silhouette with some op-art Louise Gray Pollini polka dot boots! Brilliant!

Today is the last day, so get your skates on and visit.......or find out more on Vogue:

Tuesday 22nd March 2011: 9.00 - 15.00
Penthouse Lofts
Soho Grand, 310 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013
+001 (212) 965 3000

Top to bottom: Yang Du, Fannie Schiavoni, James Long, Thomas Tait, Christopher Raeburn, David Koma, Craig Lawrence, Barbara Grispini.

List of other designers representing: Dominic Jones, Felicity Brown, Holly Fulton, J.JS Lee, J.W.Anderson, Louise Gray, Mark Fast, Mary Katrantzou, Meadham Kirchhoff, Michael van der Ham, Nasir Mazhar ,Omar Kashoura, Sibling, Tim Soar