Saturday, 25 August 2012

Sat Aug 25th: Incoming images of Paved With Gold by ISYS

Here are photos from last night's 
Paved With Gold event that I have borrowed from Ronojoy Dam a.k.a Instadam.  ISYS took over the new Tank space at the Tate Modern (see previous post) for one night, showing five films with five tracks played by a mini youth orchestra.  The spectacle was filmed so I'll follow this up again with a link to that footage to share the experience of this immense collaboration between ISYS and NTSLive 
with specially composed music by VondelparkSlimeDark Sky, CKTRL, My Panda Shall Fly and RPBLC of Many Voices .......................featuring visuals from James Pearson-Howes,Tara ManandharCassie ClarkeLewis Teague Wright.  Wish I had been there to see and hear it !  Congratulations Nina and Cieron!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Friday 24th Aug: My SHOWstudio Fashion Mix

I LOVE making playlists and was over the moon when SHOWstudio asked me in June to contribute to their FashionMix library.  To have the opportunity to put together 10 of your favourite tunes to share with the world is somehow a scary proposition to lock down and edit.  So I decided to be spontaneous, get out my records and put on a flow of tracks that most make me want to dance and throw my arms in the air ......... voila, here are those vinyl records and here is the final mix.  Enjoy!  Perfect for a Bank Holiday weekend!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Thurs 23rd August: Preview of ISYS Archive: "A City Symphonic" at the Tate Modern, The Tanks

In addition to The W Project taking part in the Tate Modern Tanks "Art In Action" on Monday, ISYS are kicking of the Bank Holiday happenings with "Paved With Gold"  as part of the Undercurrent:  Young People's Festival.  Collaborating with NTS Radio, the event is the result of a two year project focusing on tapping into and uncovering London's current youth culture in the format of a "City Symphony".  It's an exploration of one day living in the city thru the eyes of the upcoming generation in a film formatted to a soundtrack of live performance comprising of collated sound and samples from artists curated by NTS.  The documentary footage captures the social signifier style  and traits adopted  by the the capital's  subcultures emerging in 2012.  Whilst the world's eyes have been on the Olympic Games and Jubilee, this is a chance to celebrate the real London and exactly what is bubbling under the surface on every residential and high-street.  Delve deep into the archive over at ISYS to investigate further subcultures and scenes of this magnificent multicultural melting pot - all sensitively unveiled via their anthropological work.
Check out the Tate site for event details and listings here.
Listen to their latest radio show "It's A London Thing" here

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Weds 22nd Aug: Bye Bye Larry B

Work It had a send-off party for Larry B as he is flying the nest and migrating to the States.  Sad times. But New York is going to fall head over heels in love with Larry so we can only be excited for him and just pray that he comes back............ Bon Voyage Larry B, Ive enjoyed having you as a regular face on my blog.............. go find those Vogue Balls and bring back some moves for us!
See Larry's profile on StyleLikeU  and check out the ltd edition Larry B vs. Work It tee here.
(top to bottom:  Poppy Chancellor, Safia El Dabi, Rivah Kray, Larry)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tues 21st Sept: Football Training with Rhian Wilkinson

It's come to that time of year where I go to ground and become attached to my desk, suffering cabin fever in order to make my S/S collection in time for fashion week.  To keep sane and a certain degree of social skills, I have been making weekly escapes to football training with my women's team for Boiler Room FC.  On Wednesday evenings we practise skills under the tuition of our regular coach Morokka who has nobly undertaken the challenge of keeping a group of 20+ girls in check.  This week we had a special 2nd session on Sunday with Olympic medallist Rhian Wilkinson from the Canadian bronze champions.  Speaking to Rhian it seems the UK are somewhat behind the times with gender equality in sport in comparison to progressive countries such as Sweden who have the strongest teams from a national support system and infrastructure.  Apparently soccer is a standard sport for girls at school in Canada too - I wish it had been for me!  Age 32, this is the first time Ive played in my life!  We've been practising since May so between us I think there's some definite contenders for a five-a-side team ........ including Nell (see above) who spent some teenage times kicking about with Aresnal girls!  If anyone knows of a London ladies team, please let us know .......... we are gearing up for our first friendly!
(group shot l-r:  me, Gosia, Rhian, Mo, Nell, Zezi, Claire)

Monday, 20 August 2012

Mon 20th August: Jessie Ware's Devotion by Studio Moross

Exactly a year since Jessie Ware's name was billed on the posters for Red Bull's Major Lazer soundsystem at Carnival, she is releasing her debut album recorded at their studios............ and the billboards now emblazoned with her own artwork directed by Kate Moross........... including a very special one, hand-painted on Saturday under the blazing summer sun.  Studio Moross have undertaken an amazing multi-platform promo campaign and shot a trailer to preview the tracks and also show a little insight into the producers Jessie has collaborated with (below) ........ in addition to the three official videos for each single released to date.  Whilst they were up a ladder at Broadway Market painting the mural, the East End residents were in the cafes below, reading the Saturday papers - one of which being this Guardian Guide with Kate's trademark graphic treatment on the cover for a feature about the album.  All in all, its hard to miss a slice of the soul diva's solo launch whether it be stonking live reviews in the music magazines or social media support from her peers and friends in the industry.  The day has finally come to get your hands and ears on a copy of Devotion which Jessie will be performing in a live stream this evening over on the Red Bull Studios site at 7pm.......... tune in here.
(Photos of the Landsdowne live painting sourced from the members of Studio Moross separate Twitter)