Friday 7 April 2017

Friday 7th April: "You Are Looking at Something That Never Occurred" at The Zabludowicz Collection

"You Are Looking at Something That Never Occurred" - represents 70 years of art photography selected from thZabludowicz Collection including Andreas Gursky, Richard Prince, Thomas Ruff, Wolfgang Tillmans, Cindy Sherman, and Jeff Wall alongside a new generation of artists working at the forefront of contemporary art.  Here are some of my favourite works including Elad Lassry's colourful prints with matching hue frames and Sara Cwynar's multicolour still-life which accompanies a brilliant film.  If you have been drawn to the Tate Modern's current major show of Wolfgang Tillmans, then definitely check out this gallery who invested in his early work when he very first started.  These pieces have been dug from the depths of the archive and hung alongside one of his latest works which was acquired and arrived specially for the install.  It's also a chance to see a very early Cindy Sherman and discover the next generation of emerging stars in the medium................. as is always the Zabludowicz  modus operandi to support new talent.

Friday 7th April: David Hockney at Tate Britain

David Hockney at Tate Britain is brilliant.  Of course.  

I've been looking forward to this for a very long time.  It's such an amazing opportunity to see all of his classics in one place at one time.  All the portraits are huge and heavenly, the colours from California are cosmic and the patterns in the swimming pool ripples sit perfectly on the gallery's walls painted pastel pink for the show ............ 
Each defining moment of his career is pin-pointed by so many works brought together for this retrospective.  The Polaroid photo-collages are epic and latterly followed up by massive film montages of the Yorkshire landscape across the four seasons.  
It's fascinating to follow his progression from a pencil self portrait when he was a teenager, right up until the present day and his iPad mark making.  It's a block-buster and one to attend on repeat.

Thursday 6 April 2017

Thursday 6th April: "The Japanese House" at The Barbican

"The Japanese House: Architecture and Life after 1945" at The Barbican is yet another transformation of their gallery space. I'm always so impressed at how each show utilises the open-plan gallery in such different ways. This exhibition is no exception! The top floor explores the history of Japanese architecture whilst the ground floor is an immersive set to get lost in whilst exploring. There is even a little mini house on stilts for which you have to take off your shoes to climb up into. It's great fun and a double-whammy of inspiration for any architecture fans as the Brutalist Barbican centre is a mind-blowing setting. And, make sure to check out the gift shop so you don't miss the Sushi Roll socks!

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Wednesday 5th April: JOSEF FRANK Patterns / Furniture / Painting at FTM

If it was possible for polka-dot artist Yayoi Kusama to have a an estranged sibling, I think I've found him circa 40 years earlier in Scandinavia.  The Austrian born Architect and Designer moved to Sweden to establish his multicolour modernist style and in turn define the country's own aesthetic.  This exhibition explores his delicate original watercolours and inspirations which became the famous colour-block patterns.  It also shows his unknown and unseen personal paintings which span Provence landscape to his own imaginary house designs realised in paint.  Its a glorious show and collection of life-work by someone who clearly loved churning out art purely for his own enjoyment:  "painting made him happy".  It's infectious and a must-see.   

Monday 3 April 2017

Monday 3rd April: Trinidad Carnival 2017 round-up

I'll sign off now from my reportage of Trinidad Carnival 2017. I'll return to it again with other people's photos.  But for now......... I've wrapped up the joy of all the colour and costumes that I encountered.  I've missed out a couple of things that I wasn't able to capture on film as I was having too much fun at the time.  One was the Soca concert hosted by Destra Garcia which featured guest performances by every soca star on the scene and was a secret line-up that kept bringing out the best and the best.  The other main event was the Jouvert carnival which starts at 4a.m til 8a.m to witness the sun rise and this incredible rainbow that appeared for us! 
The shot here which sums up the ridiculous amount of time I spent smiling, was from my first time following a truck soundsystem and getting used to the constant "one-two" shuffle step motion.  It's a move that I feel I have comfortably conquered now after days on the road, and I'm ready for more............. as soon as possible..............