Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sat 6th Aug: Rainbow Post from Australia

Thank you Neel Morley for donating to my Rainbow Brite collection! I now have playing cards to add to my toys, bed linen, curtains, trinkets and jewellery box!! Its so weird that the characters were dressed in monochrome and the red character was called "Red Butler"!!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Friday 5th Aug: Gemma Cairney for Trekstock

From one interview to another - the Radio 1XTRA Dj Gemma Cairney who invited me in for a little feature in January to discuss whats hot and whats not......... on a day that she was celebrating summer in the middle of winter (hence the sunglasses!). What a shame we didn't realise that the actual summer to come would be just as much a figment of our imagination!!! I suspect that Gemma probably had no idea that she would also be climbing Mount Kenya come September! The trip to scale up the second highest mountain in Africa has been organised to raise money for the charity Trekstock who support young people with cancer by raising funds & awareness through combining music, fashion & treks. Gemma is currently on the search for sponsorship so to check out more details of how to donate or get involved, visit or text GEMC85 to 70070 £2/£5/£10. Also tune in to her 1XTRA show today to hear CK model Aaron Frew take position in the hot seat for the Friday fashion feature......

(photos: from her BBC studio in January and wearing one of my A/W11 rings by Rosy Nicholas interviewing Jessie J)

Thurs 4th Aug: My TALK@ for MTV with Beth Ditto

.................... and here is the subject of my TALK@........Beth Ditto. Having met Beth only briefly a couple of times via Lyndell Mansfield, I really didn't know her too well and was understandably nervous at the prospect of interviewing her for MTV. As it turned out, Beth invited me along to her 30th birthday party beforehand to get closer insight into her world and ease up an otherwise transitory encounter. This forethought and consideration is testiment to a girl totally rooted in real life and in touch with the fundamental important focuses most dear to her - family and friends.
It was such a nice opportunity to have a one to one chat (albeit infront of a camera crew) and discover what a humble soul she is ....... along with the humour and hilarious constant banter of comical commentary. I had no idea quite how "punk" she is, with her views and approach to life and to that effect transversely enjoys her position in pop music to generate change in perception. I think it's brilliant that a rock band can have respect from an international following in both genres of music without compromising the other. This is a rare formula but one that they have gained because of Ditto's undeniable pure and passionate Joie de vivre........... and of course a unique, contagious killer, killer voice and uplifting presence.
Thanks to MTV for engineering this all to happen!

Head over to to watch clips from our conversation.......

(Photos: From the interview and a more recent snap at Lovebox by Simon Archer Hurlstone)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Weds 3rd Aug: Alex Noble and Juliette Lewis TALK@ for MTV

As part of our guest editorship for Swatch MTV Playground, Alex and I were able to interview any musician of our choice and wildest dreams (that was a very exciting meeting I can tell you!). Before us, first editor Rankin shared banter with his muse Kelis and second up, I had an amazing opportunity and exchange getting to know Beth Ditto for my slot. Alex was able to meet his favourite pop icon and fly over to L.A specially for his installment in the series. The outcome has just gone live over on Talk@Playground – Swatch MTV Playground and hitting a telly screen near you soon! Here are a couple of his snaps from the trip and his summary of the experience for his 4th and final blog post for the project:

"As part of this venture with Swatch and MTV I was lucky enough to travel to L.A, it was my first time visiting the city. It’s made up of towns and freeways that over the years grew until they merged into one vast Metropolis. Hollywood hangs over decaying art deco architecture, crumbling away next to all sizes and colors of suburban palaces, palm tree’s and cacti line the streets as the heat sizzles the ground.

The reason for this trip was to meet Oscar winning rock and roller Juliette Lewis to talk about creativity, careers, style and music. We also sang some ska tracks together about Brixton when she found out my roots!

Talking with Juliette it seemed we have a major thing in common, that we both have more than one career in the overall bubble of our lives. This got me back to thinking about what I feel is so important in the creative industries, as a means of inspiration and survival. It’s what we call ‘cross pollination’, and means having more than one career .For example I work as a fashion designer, an artist, a creative director and a curator. Also Fred Butler your other guest editor has a fashion label and is also famous for her journalism and blog.

Cross pollination is a great way to further your opportunities, ventures,network of connections and in the end your success. This concept is now very celebrated and excepted in the industry, you can be taken seriously in two practices where as before it was not so common; the pigeon holes are multiplying or maybe just getting bigger.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Wayne Hemingway's celebration of music, fashion, film, art and design from the 1920's to 1980's held at the Southbank Centre this weekend.

Images by Emily Beard.