Wednesday 13 July 2016

Weds 13th July: NYC Downlow at Block 9, Glastonbury Festival

 From the shipping-container dressing room to the dancefloor of the NYC Downlow replica relic New York night club - here are the girls that brush the mud off their boots and slip into leopard skin heels to bring the best show to the underground house and techno haven in the hills of Glastonbury Festival.  The nocturnal subterranean slice of gay culture to infiltrate the programming has progressively grown a cult following over the course of its ten year residency, since its inception from Gideon Berger and Steve Gallagher's spin on Burning Man scale entertainment.  
This year had particular poignant importance post Orlando fatalities, with Roger Sanchez dedicating his set to the previous week's atrocity.  It was a very difficult time for everyone to paint lipstick smiles over deep despair but more than ever this was a time for the show to carry on........... to show defiance, solidarity, compassion and come together as one, one love, for once and for all.  

(Photos inc. House of Johnson, MC Gaffy, James Hillard, Jacqui Potato, Rudi Douglas, Annie Pics, Roisin Murphy, Gideon Berger, Shay Shay, Alexus De Luxe, Orange Gina, Andy Butler (Hercules & Love Affair), Tracy Ermine, Aaron Manhattan)

Wednesday 13th July: Genosys at Block 9, Glastonbury Festival

The only place to be (or try to get in to) on Friday night at Glastonbury Festival 2016, was Hot Chip's tribute to Prince at the Genosys stage in Block 9.  Here is Alexis Taylor in the DJ booth, bathed in purple lighting, blasting out the classics on the newly installed cutting-edge sound system also used by the Pyramid Stage !!!

Weds 13th July: NYC Downlow at Block 9, Glastonbury Festival

The NYC DOWNLOW world in Block 9 at Glastonbury Festival has undergone a complete transformation to surprise all those who know it so well and shock those experiencing it for the first time.....

"After ten years on New York’s East 7th Street, rampant gentrification has resulted in eviction of the infamous gay nightclub NYC Downlow, forcing it to relocate across town to the Meatpacking District. The club now shares premises with the notorious West Side Bath House in a fully functioning Meatpacker’s warehouse; two worlds colliding under one roof… 

Now darker, seedier and moodier, get ready to experience a new chapter in the ongoing NYC Downlow story that continues to delve deep into the fleeting space between art and music. An authentic reproduction of a meatpacker’s warehouse circa 1982, the  new design also features a second dance room called THE MEATRACK"

Here you can see my photos of the new arena from its exterior street walls to its interior lobby and locker rooms.  Every detail is meticulously finished with precision, down to the signature bottles of poppers behind the counter at the door.  A transatlantic bygone underworld of drag queens and go go boys is not exactly what you'd expect on a farm in Somerset in 2016 but that's the point of this immersive time-travelling night club.  If you havn't yet been lucky enough to make it past the pat-down entry interrogation or thru the plastic curtain portal ........... keep an eye on updates as Block 9 have just announced plans for London / International pop-up venues .........

You can also re-live, re-visit, and rewind some of the DJ sets over on the new website

Weds 13th July: Tony Hornecker at Block9, Glastonbury Festival

Each year within the Block 9 field at Glastonbury Festival, set designer Tony Hornecker  sets up home with a new construction.  Now that the NYC Downlow build has taken on a brand new design, Tony gathered the dismantled and surplus pieces to fabricate his own plot this year.  His pocket overlooks the crew bar Maceos with a balcony view onto the complete 24hr party.  But how do you get up to this VIP spot?......... thru the wardrobe doors under the canopy......... like Mr. Ben or some secret pass to a Narnia dimension sprung up on Worthy Farm ......... its the backstage to the backstage of the backstage......... one of my favourite things about the many hidden gems of this unique festival.

Folllow Tony's Pale Blue Door here.